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Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I forgot my password

Go to our webpage and click on Job Opportunities, then go to Update personal data. A page will display where you can click on Forgot password. Enter your e-mail address and the password will be sent to your mailbox.

I cannot see Advice job postings

If you cannot view job descriptions, your browser or toolbar may be set to the option disable pop-ups. Please enable pop-us to view job descriptions properly.

How do I state my interest in a job offer posted by Advice?

The following link displays job opportunities currently posted by Advice:

You may view the information and apply there.

Is my information confidential?
Advice is bound by Law 18.331 on the Protection of Personal Data. Yes, your information is treated as confidential pursuant to this law. I have applied for several job offers.

I get the message LATENT. What does it mean?
If your application is labeled Latent it means that your CV is being examined.

After an interview, do you provide notice to candidates that have not been selected?
Candidates can keep track of their applications on the web during the first steps of the process.

Should I send my CV by e-mail or deliver it personally to Advice offices?
We recommend you register in our database (link al procedimiento para registrarse) so that you can apply for the positions that fit your profile and follow up on each one of them.

What should my CV be like?
Your CV should be as thorough as possible, but not too long. We recommend you present information on your education and work experience in a chronological order, starting by the most recent. Use headlines for each section. Some sections to include are:

Personal Data:
Name, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address, ID, date of birth, whether you have a vehicle * and/or driving license including the category of vehicles authorized * - (* if required by the position as essential requirement).

A brief introduction of the reason why you are looking for a job and what you expect of a new job. You can also include here a brief account of any personal skills relevant for the job you are applying for. 

Provide details on your training and the Educational Centers you have attended, presented in a chronological order starting by the latest degree obtained. You may also include details on start and end dates. 

Work Experience:
Provide details in a chronological order, starting with your latest job position. Your employment track record should include more than a brief list, include start date, position, job description, and date and motive of employment termination.

Professional/Personal references:
Usually, not more than three. In the case of professional references, indicate contact Name, Position and Telephone Number. In each case it must be a person who has supervised your work directly and can therefore provide real information on your performance. Always let the contact person know that you are including them as references.

How are Advice selection processes conducted?
In each case we preselect the most suitable candidates on the basis of the profile (education, experience, among other elements) sought by the client. These short-listed candidates are called for an initial personal interview to ensure that the proposal matches the interests of the candidate. The next step consists in personal interviews of all short-listed candidates with the client, and the number of interviews at this stage will depend on the client. This process includes a psychological-technical evaluation, as part of the service ADVICE provides to clients.

Is it advisable to include a photograph in the CV?
Yes, it is advisable to use photographs in the CVs. Remember photographs should be formal, and preferably taken for this specific purpose.

After an interview, do you provide notice if a candidate has not been selected?
During the first stages of the process, the candidate may follow up on their application on the web, as the selection process advances, the recruiter will contact the candidate directly to provide feedback on each case.

Would you like to request a quote?

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