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Pay Scorecard - Salary Survey
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Pay Scorecard - Salary Survey

About the Compensation Survey

In competitive environments, it is highly probable that in order to attract and retain certain talents to the organization, fixed and variable compensation and benefits schemes must be offered. In order to obtain reliable information when designing compensation systems, it is not convenient to resort to informal sources. Systematic surveys with the proper segmentation of positions and sectors of activity provide a mapping of possibilities and compensation alternatives that ensure accurate decisions in this regard. The PayScorecard data corresponds to the remunerations and benefits at the dates established according to each launch. The participants and purchasers of the survey will be able to access the information through a username and password that will be provided by Advice.
PayScorecard presents a new edition, with key IT/Digital information of 50 positions in leading companies linked to technological and digital activities in the country. JR, UX or SS Designer; APP Developer; Delivery, Development or IT Business Manager; Head of Infrastructure, BI or Projects; QA or Development Leads; or Support Technicians. The 50 IT/Digital Positions survey report provides insight into salary trends and practices across the digital sector. The report helps to provide a market snapshot of salary data that is both up-to-date and representative.

Form of access to information

The participating companies
The companies as participants provide quantified information of their salaries and benefits, in an easy to load system. The information to be provided includes: fixed nominal monthly salary, variable salaries and quantified benefits. A brief meeting will be held to gather information on benefits, HR and LRR policies and practices. Once each year's information has been processed, access will be provided for one year. 
The acquiring companies 
Acquiring companies receive 12 months access to Pay Scorecard results, with no company information provided. With a username and password they will enter the platform that contains salary and benefits information.

Participating companies and purchasers in previous editions and in the current edition

Advice establishes Participation Agreements with its clients, so that the Pay Scorecard - Remuneration Survey sample has companies that reserve the right to submit their name as a participant of the same, thus keeping express confidentiality. These companies are established within the following sectors: Technology and Digital Business, Mass Consumption, Financial, Logistics, Chemical, Agribusiness.

Benefits of the Remuneration Survey

  • The practice of referencing salaries when hiring personnel or setting a salary structure through simple perceptions of the hiring parties or information from informal sources does not always contribute to making the right decisions with the implicit risks that this entails over time.
  • More than 60% of the hires made by companies take the value of compensation from the market. Benefit rewards continue to be a determining factor in attracting, retaining and motivating an organization's Human Capital.
  • The Remuneration Survey, through its periodic updates, allows Management to make the appropriate decisions to reorient its policies and practices according to market trends and its positioning as a company within the global market or its sector of activity.

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At Andritz we have been using Pay ScoreCard since 2013. Since then, the tool has helped us to monitor the market, outline the company's compensation and benefits policy, and allow us to keep within the range of the defined strategic positioning.

The tool is very complete in terms of the number of positions that are surveyed and is very representative of the Uruguayan market, due to the number and variety of companies that participate in it.

Throughout the years, it has been updated and very useful additions have been made, which allow us to obtain an almost permanent diagnosis of the market situation, besides being used as an operative tool to calculate liquid salaries, total annual compensation, contributions, etc. 

In short, we are very satisfied with the product and with the maintenance that is done.

It is a tool that is quite consistent with what happens in the reality of the labor market in terms of wages and benefits. The benefits of Pay Scorecard is that it has a solid reference to achieve a good external competitiveness, in addition to other instruments such as the labor monitor that gives us very good information of what is happening in the labor market of the country..

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