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Talent Evaluation

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Talent Evaluation

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Talent Evaluation

The PDA (Personal Development Analysis) is an assessment that, through a simple methodology (online), accurate and scientifically supported, allows to describe and analyze the Behavioral Profile of people. It also allows the evaluation of the behavioral demands of a position and the generation of detailed compatibilities applicable to the different HR processes.
Tool to predict the suitability of a worker for certain job positions, allowing the company to identify and hire top performers for each position. This tool measures the qualities that make a person productive in a specific position – Critical Thinking and Reasoning, Behavioral Traits and Occupational Interests. 
A multiple-evaluator feedback process that provides managers and leaders the opportunity to receive performance appraisals from people who interact with them.  


The Leadership Matching PDA report compares the behavioral profiles of the leader and the collaborator and provides conclusions on: leadership style, how to lead in order to motivate the collaborator and what are the key aspects to take into account to consolidate the relationship. Through this tool you will also obtain a report that shows the managerial style of the leader describing naturally how it develops against the natural behavioral style of the person to be managed.



Pre-employment psychometric assessments are a useful tool to evaluate the most salient personality characteristics and are the ideal complement to a good personnel selection process. Assessments help identify the critical competencies necessary for good job performance. They provide information on: competencies, skills, interests, attitudes and personality traits. We use state-of-the-art psycho-technical tools, adapted to the required positions, in order to obtain more information about the candidates and ensure the best fit for the position.

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