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Since its foundation, Advice has been a company defined by a socially responsible vision and an ethical business concept. This is reflected in terms of principles, in its mission and vision, as well as in its values and in the instruments it uses to frame ethics within the behavior expected from the company and its employees.

Sustainability is a business vision that systemically integrates respect for ethical values, people, the community and the environment into business management. Sustainability is not so much about developing philanthropic activities, but about developing a company strategy that complements its business model and reflects its values. Advice has adhered since its inception to the philosophy of sustainable action, developing internal and external practices, training its people and linking with various NGOs in order to learn new practices and grow in the performance of sustainability. 

In this sense, we are members of ACDE. We also participate in DERES, whose mission is to create an organic network of companies, academic sectors and social actors linked to the issue of social responsibility. We are also part of Endeavor, which promotes the entrepreneurial culture that contributes to the economic and social development of emerging countries. 

Sustainability actions at Advice: 
Advice promotes a work environment based on an excellent work climate of respect in which teamwork and innovation are encouraged. 

Work life quality:
  • Focus on internal communication
  • Performance appraisal system
  • Annual training plan
  • Organizational climate and feeling of belonging
  • Gender equity and support to young people
  • Promotion of employee health 

Support to the community:
  • Job placement of people with disabilities.
  • Job placement of people over 50 years old.
  • Career counseling for repositioning in the job market.
  • Support to community social organizations.
  • DERES campaigns.
  • ACDE: Corporate Social Responsibility Index (CSRI). 

Clients (companies and job candidates)
  • Focus on quality (UNIT-ISO 9001:2008 certification). 
  • Job market monitoring.
  • Transparency of recruiting processes.
  • Responsible advertising.
Endeavor is a non profit international organization that is leading the global High Impact Entrepreneurship movement to catalyze the long-term economical development of the countries.
The Teleton Foundation was established in Uruguay in the year 2003. It has two children´s rehabilitation centers, one in Montevideo and the other in Fray Bentos.
The Forge Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2005, in Switzerland, to help low-income Latin American youths gain access to quality jobs.
Bensadoun Laurent  Foundation is a non profit organization committed to get social and labor inclusion of the disabled.
América Solidaria is an Organization which pretends overcome child poverty in the American continent through the development of health, education and family economics projects, all leaded by professional volunteers. From this professional’s work, they try to change the looks, transform relationships and generate continental justice actions.
Idas y Vueltas is a civil association that fights for the rights of people who choose Uruguay as their country of residence. In this sense, Advice supports the foundation in the labor insertion of immigrants through training on the labor market.
Fundación Niños con Alas is a non-profit organization, founded in 2000, which aims to improve the quality of education for children and adolescents in vulnerable situations.

Perez Scremini is the foundation that works for the cure of childhood cancer in Uruguay.
El Palomar is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting lines of action to facilitate inclusive access to society for people with disabilities.
The mission of Los Tréboles Educational Center is to accompany children and adolescents from the Flor de Maroñas neighborhood who have received fewer opportunities, in an educational path that will lead them to build a life full of possibilities.
Fundación Nuestro Camino is an Integral Training Center created by a group of parents in 1985 to welcome children and young people with intellectual disabilities, in order to promote their habilitation and inclusion in society.
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Montevideo, Uruguay
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