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The outplacement processes provide the person with support and counseling in the face of the emotional impact that the situations of disengagement generate.
The changing labor world confronts workers with organizational restructurings that lead to individual or collective layoffs. In such moments, professional accompaniment, guidance and orientation in a labor transition program reduce the negative effect on a person's life. 
At the same time, they provide them with a set of knowledge and strategies that allow them to reduce the time it takes to reintegrate into the labor market. These processes have a strategic approach, defining clear objectives and specific actions that have been successfully tested.
Advice provides support and guidance throughout the entire job search process. We have a professional team specialized in labor reinsertion that works together with the person using updated and customized resources to find the ideal opportunities according to the area of preference. All our programs are provided on a personalized basis, whether individual or group.

They are carried out through fully customized sessions that are adapted to the individual characteristics of the person and the objectives to be achieved. They are developed with a specialized professional who will identify together with the person which are the next steps in his or her professional career, recognizing his or her abilities and skills. 



When accompanying companies in business decisions that involve the reduction of several collaborators, group programs are custom-designed. In these programs we use different methodologies, without losing the objective of achieving a work solution for each person who receives the service.

  • Professionalism: job termination processes are conducted in a more personalized and humane scenario, with the support of strong professional skills.
  • Personal relationship: maximum care for the individuals that leave the company, hiring a service to help and support them. 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: the company adopts a professional attitude in case of the need to terminate an employee, maintaining, regardless of the circumstances, their interest in their people. 

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