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Digital Transformation
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Digital Transformation

We help customers re-imagine and reinvent their business model to compete in a digital world and do so quickly. The digital world is changing the way we live, how we work, and how businesses are organized. Business and human resources are transforming and taking an extraordinary leap forward in the digital field. Talent drives technological excellence. 

Our services:

Acquisition of Digital Talent: 
Advice specializes in the selection and evaluation of human resources that will accelerate the digitalization and implementation of technologies in your company, the Advice executive search team can help you acquire top-notch digital talent. Talent priorities should be based on a clear understanding of the necessary skills at all levels of the business. This requires investing in the creation of relevant digital capabilities that fit the strategy.  

Digital Evaluations:
We offer a complete series of digital assessments that help organizations increase their competitive advantage by recruiting, selecting, retaining and developing the best talent. Our evaluations provide companies with information to be used in selection, promotions, succession planning, 360 feedback programs, leader development, training, motivation, customer service improvement and other human capital management issues. 

Implementation of Digital Tools: 
To increase the agility to create, execute and adjust the strategy, we help you with the incorporation of digital tools such as online CRM, cloud project management software, Google tools and other collaborative tools in real time. 

Digital Receipts (Electronic):
Advice is the official representative of, software services and websites that allow you to process salary receipts in electronic format (PDF) and any type of electronic or digital signature documents between the employer and the employee. 

Digital Recruitment Means:
We provide professional solutions specialized in planning, design and online recruitment advertising in all digital media. The objective is to provide benefits to companies that need to use means to recruit, having as a reference a highly specialized, fast, and efficient service. We work with innovative formats such as videos and creative pieces adapted to the needs of the client. 

Technical Evaluations in specific Digital Competences: 
We have evaluations in digital marketing, content marketing, product management, data and web development. Evaluations are available worldwide, but are presented in English. They can be used to evaluate teams, hire talents, track training progress, identify areas that need improvement. 

Education and digital development:
Advice offers and connects with digital education and development courses, to help your organization deploy digital capabilities to maintain a competitive advantage in the market. 

Programmable digital video interviews:
They will allow you to attract qualified candidates, recruit and provide the best job interview experience, with the productivity and flexibility you need. Our Online platform will help you in coordinating interviews, choosing the right questions, appraising appraisals (as a team), and managing a unique talent base.

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Montevideo, Uruguay
TEL.: (+598) 2626 11 11 |
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