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Advice Digital & IT
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Advice Digital & IT

Digital world is changing the way we live, how we work and in which way business are organized. Companies and human resources are transforming and give an extraordinary jump towards digital field. Talent is what impulses technological excellence. 
Recruitment and selection 
Selection and evaluation of human resources that will accelerate the digitalization and implementation of technologies in your company. We work with the most used Technologies and Development Languages, Databases and Operating Systems.
Digital Evaluations
Our evaluations provide companies with information to be used in selection, promotions, succession planning, 360 feedback programs, leader development, training, motivation, customer service improvement and other human capital management issues.
Digital Video Interviews
Attract qualified candidates, recruit and provide the best job interview experience, with productivity and flexibility. Our Online platform allows the coordination of interviews, the choice of appropriate questions, the assessment of applicants (in teams), and the administration of a unique talent base.
Digital marketing
Planning, design and online advertising in all digital media. We provide solutions and benefits to companies that need to use means to recruit, generate employer brand and communicate online. We work with innovative formats such as videos and creative pieces adapted to the needs of the client.
Digital Transformation
To increase the agility to create, execute and adjust the strategy, we help in the incorporation of digital tools such as online CRM, cloud project management software, Google tools and other collaborative tools in real time.
Support to organizations in risk identification and remediation. Information Security Controls. Forensic Digital Analysis to clarify an event that occurred in a computer system and the preparation of an expert report. Incident response (DFIR). Advanced management of security incidents in OnPremise and Cloud systems. Ethical Hacking (Data Sec).


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Tiburcio Gómez 1330, Piso 4 (zona WTC)
Montevideo, Uruguay
TEL.: (+598) 2626 11 11 |
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