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Career Development
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Career Development

Career development plans allow you to analyze the feasibility to explore new perspectives, minimizing the gap between opportunities and personal resources to achieve achievements. 
Through internationally proven self-assessment tools you can deepen those interests, motivations, skills that can enhance your professional success. We propose different programs through which we guide and support our clients, designing a career plan adapted to your skills and abilities. 
The Career Development Program gives you a comprehensive approach to the development of your professional profile, thus enabling optimal self-management of your professional and work career. The main objective is to reflect on your work project, through the identification and enhancement of your skills and the search for growth opportunities according to your expectations and competencies. 
This program will allow you to
  • Know your skills and opportunities as a fundamental step to design an effective career plan. 
  • Identify and implement competitive tools to communicate your profile to the market contributing to the development of your Personal Marketing. 
  • Have a clear action plan based on your profile to maximize your chances of future success. 
Duration: 4 sessions 
The Senior Development Program's main objective is to analyze the key competences for successful performance in your professional development. It is aimed at senior management decision makers. It works on a series of activities that promote the development of labor, professional and personal skills. 
This program will allow you to
  • Acquire a precise knowledge of your professional profile. 
  • Deepen the design of communication tools for your profile, by using the most efficient search media. 
  • Knowing - through the application of internationally proven self-assessment techniques - about your interests, motivations and skills to project your professional success. 
  • Optimize your performance in exchanges or interviews with key market players. 
  • Design an action plan that guides your action strategies in the labor market according to your professional skills and expectations. 
Duration: 6 sessions 
Where would you like to be in a year? In five years? What experiences will help you achieve that? 
After having identified the action plan for your professional development, it is very useful to accompany it in its implementation. To reach new goals and ensure their fulfillment, it is essential to trace a route with viable objectives. 
This process involves professional advice focused on the analysis carried out and oriented to the objectives that you set with the support of the consultants of Proyecta-T. 
To successfully manage your professional career, you will be able to have a psychological orientation and support focused both on the development of your potentials, and on those personal problems that hinder or divert attention to personal and professional growth.

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