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Vocational Guidance

Vocational Guidance

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Vocational Guidance

Vocational guidance is a two-faceted process
On the one hand, we have young people who seek to orient themselves towards their own interests, competencies and objectives. On the other side are the demands of the world of work, to which young people are oriented.

Discover who you can be, find your uniqueness and determine your direction.
With Advice Vocational Guidance you will be able to analyze your personality, skills, interests and preferences, and we can suggest careers and institutions according to your profile, helping you to reduce uncertainty in this important stage!

Generates a comprehensive report of preferences, competencies, skills and recommendations
The Vocational Orientation Test allows to generate a complete report of preferences, competencies, skills, abilities and career recommendations with the objective of guiding people in making decisions regarding their academic and professional future.

The test invites people to go on a journey of self-knowledge and get closer to their interests and skills in order to find the best option for their future.

  • Your behavioral profile, a key tool for self-knowledge.
  • Your vocational preferences, so you can study something you really enjoy doing.
  • Your skills, based on Gardner's theory of intelligences, you will be able to know in which areas you perform more easily.
  • The careers that best match your results, to help you choose the career path you want. 
The vocational orientation interview allows detecting in which areas a person may have strengths when developing an educational and/or professional career. The vocational orientation process will allow people to know in depth their intellectual and emotional potential, as well as their real professional preferences.

Interviews with parents and/or family members who wish to collaborate with the Vocational and Professional Orientation process of their children.

Our service is aimed at:
  • STUDENTS - Describing their abilities, motivation and interests, intelligence and aptitudes. From this information, they will be shown what possibilities the academic and professional world realistically offers them, so that they can find their vocation. Consequently, they will be able to make informed decisions, according to their characteristics and environment. 
  • FAMILIES - Their participation in the orientation process is recommended. In this way, they will be better able to advise and support their children's academic decisions. 
  • EDUCATIONAL CENTERS - So that they can offer their students an adequate orientation and continuous evaluation service, preparing them for diversity, academic and professional mobility. In addition, it allows them to keep students informed about new studies, trends, current labor market requirements and technological changes as they arise.


Alejandra Balbi
General Coordinator. PhD in Psychology. Master in Psychopedagogical Intervention. Licentiate in Psychopedagogy. Teacher. Member of the National Research System. Responsible for professional training courses PIAM and EPA. Specialties: Psychopedagogical Evaluation and Guidance, Formative Evaluation, Educational Innovation. Directive of the Uruguayan Association of Psychopedagogy. Referent of the Vocational Guidance Service.

Professional Staff
Our team is made up of researchers, evaluation experts, education experts and experts in the world of work.

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