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Wellness and Mental Health Platform

Advice works together a Mindgram, the comprehensive support platform for your team. The objective of this alliance is to democratize access to psychological care and personal development in companies.

The Mindgram platform is a solution that guarantees your employees and their families access to high quality psychological support and personal development. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is available through a phone and PC application in three languages: English, Spanish and Polish.

This approach promotes and supports well-being, resilience and personal development through activities based exclusively on clinically proven methods, developed in collaboration with experienced psychologists and professionals. It also offers a wide range of opportunities for personal development, inner balance and improved mental health.
Users have access to dozens of workshops and sessions with specialists. In addition, they have the option to replay them up to 30 days after the broadcast so they can watch them whenever they want. Workshop topics are selected based on the needs of the users..

They are one hour long, although there are also 15-minute inspirational sessions for those who do not have that much time during the day. Some of the topics are: happiness at work, professional burnout, how to manage stress, parenting, how to lead a healthy lifestyle, etc.

This section includes almost 100 podcasts of 5-15 minutes for self-learning mindfulness and relaxation, as well as mini-courses to develop skills in the areas of stress management, sleep hygiene or communication. Your team can access them from anywhere and at any time to, among other things, increase inner peace, manage stress or motivate themselves at work. Through the art of meditation, your employees will learn to manage their emotions, calm down and reduce tension. The regular practice of mindfulness will help them function better under the pressure of tight deadlines and facilitate the completion of their daily tasks, as well as calm their thoughts, improve concentration and reduce stress.

Through the app or the web platform, users can access dozens of licensed psychologists with whom to conduct online therapy sessions. These sessions are 100% confidential and therapists will not pass on any information to third parties (including the employing company).

Therapies do not focus on simply analyzing the problems, but seek to solve them efficiently. The most important thing is to create an improvement plan and help users reach their goals.

Do you think this tool can add value and benefit your teams?

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