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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

In company online programe

Research from Capgemini, Gallup, Forbes, Oxford and Cambridge University, Davos Forum, etc. companies have recently published that the demand for EQ will increase even more in the coming years, have recently published that the demand for Emotional Intelligence will further increase in the coming years.

Online, live, interactive program designed to drive essential leadership skills for 2021 and beyond. Based on critical emotional intelligence behaviors and social neuroscience, this learning journey will help you improve how you demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership behaviors.

This learning methodology is comprised of 6 virtual and engaging 120-minute, facilitator-led sessions.

MODULE 1 - Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Model
  • Exploring the social neuroscience of emotions.
  • Determine the link between emotions, decision making, behavior and performance.
  • Review the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership behavior to your leadership context.
  • Receive feedback on how well you demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership behavior.
  • Develop a personal action plan in a specific context.

MODULE 2 - The Present Leader
  • Develop self-knowledge and self-awareness, a better understanding of self, its triggers and typical behaviors.
  • Improve your understanding of others and how to flex your leadership style to better connect, communicate and influence different personality types.
  • Learn about the social neuroscience of empathy and how to demonstrate more empathy in your leadership and management of others.

MODULE 3 - The Authentic Leader
  • Create a culture of open, robust and healthy dialogue and debate. 
  • Respond effectively when faced with challenges.
  • Express your thoughts, feelings and perspectives with confidence and subtlety.
  • Better manage performance-related issues through clear, authentic and open dialogue.

MODULE 4 - The Expansive Leader
  • Explore the science of emotional reasoning and how it is more important than I.Q. in leading transformational change. 
  • Develop the skills and behaviors associated with emotional reasoning to improve how you:
    - Explain the rationale for decisions made
    - Engage team members in decisions that affect their work
    - Support team members to "navigate" through change and transition
    - Consider the big picture when making decisions
    - Make more ethical decisions.

MODULE 5 - The Resilient Leader
  • Explore the science of stress and resilience.
  • Understand the responsibilities leaders have to create a mentally healthy work environment for others.
  • Identify different thinking, physiological, relational and environmental strategies to boost your own resilience and that of your team.
  • Improve your ability to positively influence the way others feel.

MODULE 6 - The Empowering Leader
  • Explore the science of human motivation and engagement.
  • Apply a model for improving your team's motivation and engagement.
  • Provide more constructive feedback on behavior and performance.
  • Facilitate career development and advancement conversations with team members.

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