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Advice is an official representative of, a software that adds a lot of value to all the good things you have today. A digital file means that all the employee's documentation, from the first day to the last, can be kept completely digitally, dispensing with paper, including salary receipts and other processes.

This software platform offers a set of options that will allow you to easily manage all your work documents.
  • Receipts and more: Process pay stubs and any document that contains the employee's identifier somewhere on the sheet, without the need to enter or program anything. Receipts and more:
  • Multiple notifications: Notify your collaborators of any document sent instantly, via email or the mobile APP.
  • Rapid implementation: With less than a day's work you will be able to start sending documentation to your collaborators, without waiting for them to register.
  • Standard PDF signature: This electronic or digital signature complies with the signature standards defined by Adobe Inc. for PDFs and with the regulatory framework of Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay and Ecuador.
  • Approval processes: You will be able to approve permits, forms and any type of document incorporating the electronic or digital signature of the authorizers in accordance with the regulatory framework of each country.
  • Vacations and leaves: Your employees will be able to generate requests for vacations or any other leave of absence. In turn, multiple approvers can intervene.
  • Obsessive security: The platform periodically receives security reports issued by entities recognized worldwide in computer security matters.
  • Onboarding and offboarding: It is now possible to digitally manage all documentation from onboarding to offboarding.
  • Access roles: By granting different roles to your collaborators you will be able to control all permissions and functions very easily.
It is very simple to process your employees' pay slips or any other labor document in an absolutely digital format. You only need to execute 3 steps: validatesign and send.
Access to the system, both in web mode and through the APP, for signing and consulting settlements or for the generation of electronic labor documentation is our priority. That is why we guarantee the availability of our service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Installing the APP on their mobile device, employees will be able to receive instant alerts and notifications about documents sent to them. They will also be able to upload photos and complete applications, with the familiarity we all have when using a cell phone.

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