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Electronic receipts

Payroll Management
Electronic receipts

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Electronic receipts

Advice is exclusive representative. RecibosElectró provides software services and web sites which allow to process pay checks in electronic format (PDF) and any kind of documentation that may require electronic or digital sign between the employer and the employee.

Benefits and Functionalities of the System

Signature simplification 
For both the employee and the employer, the act of signing becomes an absolutely simple and easy task to perform. The process complies with the legal regulations in force from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. 

Distribution simplification and elimination of storage costs 
It significantly reduces the logistics of distribution and storage, eliminating tasks such as printing, doing inventory, enveloping, distributing and filing. 

Without a license investment 
The system is offered as service software (SaaS) so that its use does not require large sums of money for software licenses. The customer hires the service and pays for a monthly use. 

Greater confidentiality 
By avoiding printing on paper, information confidentiality increases significantly since only the actual recipients of the documents have access to it, and the Human Resources area in charge of processing that information, which also leaves a digital record when accessing the information. 

Time saving 
Due to the execution characteristics of a business flow within a computer system, time is reduced significantly, allowing employees to access the information about their paychecks at the same time that the Payroll staff issues them. 

Security and audit trails 
Security is something absolutely high-priority for the system. This is why all communications are made through the HTTPS protocol that provides a code based on SSL/TLS with X.509 certificates that allows asymmetric cryptography for the authentication of the counterpart. 

The system is designed and built to be self-managed. This means that the user responsible for HR, the one that frequently interacts with the system, is able to carry out the tasks of operation and configuration of employees, headquarters, companies, digital certificates, etc., without the intervention of IT personnel. 

Full Responsive 
The app has been developed with a completely responsive approach that allows its portability to any device, making the screens adaptable to smartphones and tablets.


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