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Control of Compliance with Outsourcing Law

Payroll Management
Control of Compliance with Outsourcing Law

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Control of Compliance with Outsourcing Law

Through this service, Advice provides information to permit the supervision of subcontractors, intermediaries and manpower firms, thus reducing liability in case of third party violations. 

Company Liability / Obligations
Under Law 18.099, any employer using subcontractors, intermediaries or manpower firms, is jointly responsible for employer obligations, social security payments, accident insurance premium payments, and any fines imposed by the Insurance Bank (BSE) in relation to workers. 

Why should you hire this service? 
"Law 18.251 establishes that responsibility shall be subsidiary when the company is informed on any breach of obligations by the contracted company." 

Our service includes control of the following processes:
  • Relevant receipts and agreements 
  • Tax Office (DGI) Certificates
  • Payroll
  • Insurance Bank (BSE) Certificates
  • Social Security (BPS) Payroll records
  • Social Security (BPS) Certificates
  • Social Security (BPS) Payments
  • Social Security (BPS) registrations/deletions/modifications 
  • Personal Income Tax (IRPF) payments
  • Insurance Bank (BSE) premium payment - Others

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