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Pay Scorecard
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Pay Scorecard

Online platform of information on human resources management:

Compensations – Reports per Job

Comparison of fixed and total compensation of positions in your company against job market data. Over 120 companies and 200 positions surveyed.
Benefits continue to be paramount for attracting, retaining, and motivating the Human Capital of an organization.

Specific Sectors and Segments
Segmentation by job and industry allows mapping compensation options and alternatives to ensure effective decision-making.

Salary calculator

Permits to calculate nominal and net salary, employee and employer contributions and company costs.

Policies and Practices

Information on compensation, benefits, human resources policies and practices.

Human Resources Information
Relevant Human Resources Information reports produced by Advice, sorted by date of publication.

Job monitor.

Job monitor: quarterly information on job demand from recruiting press publications and the main consulting firms.

Legal Framework
Information supplied by the Ministry of Work and Social Security

Survey participants and buyers may access information through a link, using a PIN and password supplied by ADVICE

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