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Advice has an online platform that gathers information from over 100 companies and 220 positions on compensation, benefits, HR policies and practices, labor market information. 
Within changing and competitive environments, it is highly likely that to attract and retain certain talent to the organization, fixed and variable compensation and benefit schemes must be offered.
To achieve reliable information when designing compensation systems, it is not convenient to resort to informal sources. Systematic surveys with the appropriate segmentation of positions and sectors of activity make it possible to have a mapping of remuneration possibilities and alternatives that ensure correct decisions in this regard.
The Remuneration Survey data corresponds to the remunerations, policies and benefits as of the dates established according to each launch. The participants and purchasers of the survey will be able to access the information through a link, pin and a password that will be provided by Advice.
The current transformation of the labor market requires tailor-made studies of compensation systems as a source of information and management for decision making.
The objective is to establish an analysis of the market remunerations of those positions required by the company, providing quantitative and qualitative information necessary for the definition of salary policies.
We provide a study of compensation and benefits tailored to a specific position in the organization's structure, whether it is Managerial, Middle Management or Dependent.
Decisions about the salary structure of a company cannot be made without taking into account the reality of the current labor market. Employees compare themselves with people in similar positions in other companies, so it is necessary to analyze external competitiveness in order to establish a solid compensation strategy. This will ensure the attraction, retention and development of the best talent to achieve business objectives. 
The Job Pricing service methodology consists of the following stages:
  • Identify the objective and scope of the study. 
  • Identify the sample of companies that will make up the study. 
  • Define the positions to be studied.
  • Collect and process information.
  • Comparative analysis of the positions of interest vs. positions in the labor market.
  • Final report.



We provide a compensation and benefits study for the position of General Manager, in relation to the characteristics of the organization and the labor market.



We offer companies the design of a variable compensation system that measures results, rewards performance and monitors the management of each employee.



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