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Uruguay IT Labor Monitor 2024
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Uruguay IT Labor Monitor 2024

This study examines and analyzes different aspects of the labor market related to the Information Technology (IT) industry in Uruguay and the need for professionals specialized in this field. To carry out this research, we used information gathered by Advice's Labor Monitor, a periodic source, and conducted an analysis of data from various job portals and online job boards in Uruguay. The main objective was to understand the most salient demands and requirements for IT talent in the country.


The study period covered from November 2022 to October 2023, allowing a comparison with previous measurements ending in October 2022. This facilitated the observation of the evolution of the indicators over time.


One of the most significant findings of the study is that, in the period studied, the demand provided by all activity groups as a whole in the various portals and job boards concentrated a total of 67,215 calls. Of these, 12,001 came from the information technology group. This was the second largest in terms of activity, accounting for 18% of the total demand, followed by Sales and marketing management and marketing. These 12,001, together with another 4,368 calls for non-IT positions made from IT companies, make up the volume of IT-related calls analyzed in this report, reaching 16,369 cases; 9% less than in the previous measurement. This 9% drop occurs in a context of lower labor demand dynamism in 2023 compared to 2022, which was observed in all areas of activity according to the Labor Monitor's 2023 Annual Report (Advice, 2024).


In addition, the importance of both technology experts and professionals with diverse backgrounds for the IT sector was once again noted, since one third of the calls that came from technology companies demanded non-IT specialized roles.


On the other hand, it was observed that a quarter of the demand for technology profiles came from non-technology companies, which indicates the existence of a market for IT professionals outside this field, especially for the developer profile which was the most required by these companies, as is the case among technology companies.


Finally, as in previous editions, the strong presence of telecommuting within the demand related to IT was observed, as 63% of the calls mentioned this modality of work as an option.

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