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How can technology help human resources in times of Coronavirus?

How can technology help human resources in times of Coronavirus?

We're your allies in times of teleworking!

In contexts such as the present, where companies must adapt to new ways of working and at the same time respond to uncertainty. In Advice, we have digital and reliable solutions, which collaborate in the integral management of human resources in any organization. 

Do you have the necessary tools to do it?


In Advice we promote more than ever that the Human Resources departments rely on technology to carry out the recruitment and selection processes respecting the mandatory quarantine required by the Government. 

Benefits of this tool
  • Remote work: With VENTREVISTA your team can telework in the same way as if they were in the workplace. By using the platform, companies can publish job opportunities, attract candidates to your website, interview, evaluate, filter and qualify them without affecting the way they work and the usual recruitment objectives. 
  • Collaborative: The possibility of communicating with your team at all times, leaving qualifications, comments and assessments of each candidate evaluated.  
  • Flexibility: Not only does it represent a change for your team, but also for your candidates! With VENTREVISTA you can carry out the job interviews from wherever the candidates are, avoiding unnecessary mobilizations. 

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