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Why do people leave companies?

Listen in:
I must assume that I like to ask "what for" rather than "why". 

Basically because when we ask "why", we delve into the motivations that lead a person to make the decisions they make, to do what they do, or to stop doing what they were doing. I like to ask "what for", rather than "why", as I feel that "whys" are more linked to excuses and reasons, rather than intentions. The "why" is always the intention, it is always the purpose.

So, we can run into a dozen "why" people leave companies.

We leave a company to take a better opportunity that comes from another company. We analyze the offer, we weigh factors such as work-life balance, level of remuneration, benefits, proximity to our home, the team with whom we could interact, what professional development possibilities are offered, (can I go to another country to work with this company? Do I have chances to grow in seniority? Do I still have a lot of work to do? Or is it to enter and die in the same position? Are there challenges that motivate me, does the project attract me?

We leave a company to evaluate an option that allows us, in addition to working, to carry out a personal project: Does my employer support me if I also want to run a mini start up with my group of friends? Does he/she give me free time to be able to manage an enterprise? I like teaching, can I take time off to go and teach?

We leave a company to connect with what we are really good at. Sometimes, out of necessity, we are in a role that, although we can carry it out successfully, is not what we are passionate about. We are in the commercial area, selling, but we are not passionate about selling. And to sell well, you have to be passionate about selling. Otherwise... it will cost you.

We leave a company to work in one where we can share 8 hours of our day with a leader who represents us, from whom we can learn, who challenges us as professionals and people, above all. It's very hard to work when you have a leader who doesn't make you proud.

People today approach companies that value people, their integrity, their interests, where they feel identified with values, ways of life, so that in addition to developing professionally in the role for which they were hired, they can achieve personal goals that not everyone is willing to relegate.
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