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Trends shaping the global workforce in 2022

2022 ADP Workforce Trends

ADP (Automatic Data Processing, Inc.) revealed 4 HR trends reshaping the future of work in 2022:

1) Partner and employee visibility will be redefined
2) People and purpose will drive the work culture
3) Trusted data and expertise will drive resilience
4) Increased innovation will accelerate growth

We expand on these trends below.

1) Collaborator and employee visibility will be redefined

As employers explore onsite, fully remote and hybrid workplace models, they will look for new opportunities to increase employee visibility and better understand the needs of a dispersed workforce. According to the ADP Research Institute's "People at Work: A Global Workforce View" study, in one year, COVID has significantly affected worker locations. In fact, three-quarters (75%) of the global workforce made changes or plan to change how or where they live, with an even higher percentage (85%) among Generation Z. In addition, ADP (Advice Partner) surveyed U.S. small and medium-sized businesses and found that 66% have a hybrid work model in place.

To foster connection in the absence of physical proximity, people data will yield information about flows and performance, which will help managers take the right actions to support a high-performing remote or hybrid team. This new dynamic based on mutual trust will help drive engagement and performance of collaborators and employees.

2) People and purpose will drive the work culture

As employers (companies) look for ways to drive inclusion amid new work models, connectedness will become a measure of workforce culture. The ADP Research Institute revealed that U.S. workers who feel they are Strongly Connected to their employer are 75 times more likely to be Fully Engaged than those who do not feel connected.
With connectedness driving engagement, employers will need to increase their focus on their people and reflect on the broader purpose that unites their workforce. Workforce flexibility will extend beyond perceived boundaries and employers will embrace people-centric initiatives to build a workplace where everyone can thrive. Diversity, equity and inclusion strategies will also evolve to drive real, measurable progress. ADP data shows that more than 50% of companies that leveraged data analytics capabilities took action and made a positive impact on their metrics.

3) Reliable data and expertise will drive resilience.

As many contributors and employees remain remote and hybrid, operational and compliance considerations will grow, adding to an already complex regulatory environment. In fact, ADP's series of HR surveys with HR outsourcing found that nearly 20% of U.S. companies with between 25 and 99 employees admit they currently face challenges related to compliance and regulatory issues, which may increase as regulations change. Moving forward, leaders will rely more on real-time data to proactively address compliance and guide decision making.

Quality data will be key to giving companies the confidence they need to act.

4) Increased innovation will accelerate growth

As business and commercial models evolve amid global changes, companies will look to technology to drive efficiencies and expand capabilities by eliminating (exclusively) task-based work and refocusing efforts on strategic growth initiatives.

According to ADP data, monthly users of its ADP Mobile Solutions app increased by more than 25% in 2021 over 2020 as workers take advantage of self-service tools, helping to eliminate administrative tasks for HR professionals and allowing them to focus more on their people. This digitization will benefit both employers and employees, as employees seek greater flexibility and control in their work experience.

With the evolution of roles (job descriptions), an increase in skills-based hiring will further drive innovation. The ADP Research Institute's "People at Work: A Global Workforce View" study found that more than one in four workers (28%) report taking on a new role or changing roles due to changes in the pandemic labor market.

The number rises to 36% for Generation Z workers. After a period during which employees were forced to retrain, individuals will continue to prioritize their skills and seek opportunities to apply their unique strengths. To accelerate performance, employers will need to focus on those individual strengths and provide opportunities for employees to develop new skills or embark on a new career path with more opportunities for growth.

Information regarding the trends shaping the workforce in 2022 is provided by ADP, which Advice represents in Uruguay and Paraguay in Latin America. Designing better ways of working through cutting-edge products, premium services and exceptional experiences that enable people to reach their full potential. Human Resources, Talent, Time Management, Benefits and Payroll. Informed by data and designed for people.

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