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IT Recruitment

by Fernanda Bouvet and Martina Pérez del Castillo of the Advice Digital Team

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What is the starting point for IT recruitment?
When starting a new recruitment in the IT area, the first meeting with the client to survey the profile in search is vital to start the process. In this instance, the tasks and responsibilities to be carried out by the person in the role must be fully understood beyond the name of the position. Differentiating between the name of the position and the activities to be performed is of utmost importance, since in the IT market there is a wide variety of names that are similar to each other, but involve different tasks and duties. Likewise, it is important to understand the project framework, and in which the person sought will be developing in order to be able to have the appropriate tools in the dialogue with the candidates in case of doubts or queries.

Similarly, defining together with the client the number of years of experience and seniority desired in the candidates is substantial to achieve a solid starting point in IT recruitment. This point is valuable because, although there are commonly understood and accepted parameters in the market, there is no objective and defined categorization to denominate profiles at the levels of: Junior, Semi Senior, or Senior.

When thinking about facilitating the recruitment process, it is essential to take into account the need for flexibility in the original requirements of the proposal, as well as to be able to communicate it to the client. In other words, be aware of the large supply of searches by clients and the scarcity of available candidates in the market, which enables a stage of negotiation and demands by the candidates in the recruitment.

When handling such information, it is essential to reach an agreement with the client and design a cohesive proposal internally and coherent for the market in the following aspects: work modality (remote, on-site, or hybrid), exclusive and valued requirements (technical and soft skills), amount of experience required, salary, and extra salary benefits.

Finally, as mentioned above, and as is well known, the IT market is highly demanded and, consequently, demanding. There are a large number of job offers that technology profiles receive, and they are motivated to a job change by aspects such as training in soft skills and languages, development projects and professional growth, opportunities for new challenges, and a large number of other benefits outside the fixed monthly salary. This is why it is important to highlight the importance of defining extra-salary benefits to enhance the success of recruitment in the IT world.

How to ensure an effective IT recruitment process?
When designing a recruitment process in IT, the main recommendation is to achieve a mainly agile process.. This may mean in certain cases, eliminating 100% of the traditional recruitment you are used to. Being employed and receiving numerous job offers simultaneously, it is important that contact with candidates is personalized and flexible; adapting the stages to facilitate the candidate's experience. Likewise, it is also important to recognize the preferences, sometimes generational, of the candidates; in order to generate greater empathy and cooperation between both parties.

On the other hand, the strategic selection of business partners is transcendental to achieve the objectives in an effective way in IT recruitment. Due to the high competitiveness of the market, it is effective to generate alliances with good employer brands as well as to maintain an attractive image within the market to motivate candidates with interesting and differential proposals.

What skills and tools should an IT recruiter have?
It will be of great importance to have a technical knowledge of technologies and specific positions as well as the tasks, functions and responsibilities according to the position, in order to be able to adequately interpret what will be the relevant denomination and its possible variations, since currently there is no specific standardization of the same.

Having knowledge of different portals where these profiles spend most of their time, either in job search or simply sharing and requesting information with other developers. Some of them can be: Linkedin Recruiter (using advanced filters such as Boolean operators), Github, stackoverflow, Discord, Dribble, among others.

In line with the previous point, having different options to find these profiles allows us to amplify our search, achieving a greater reach of both our search and our publications.

Soft skills:
  • Tolerance to ambiguity, uncertainty and frustration, since the high turnover of this type of profiles is a frequent scenario, even more so for those who are within the Z generation. In this context it is transcendental to achieve identification with the company's culture, implement innovative strategies for talent retention, paying attention to the needs expressed by each person, showing a space of openness to listen.
  • Negociacin / astucia / estrategia tanto desde la perspectiva del cliente como del reclutador, para lograr un punto de encuentro y marcar un diferencial en la propuesta.  
  • Creatividad, imaginacin, actualizacin y aprendizaje del da a da de una persona del mundo IT, permitir encontrar nuevas formas de bsqueda, conociendo los intereses habituales, as como prestar atencin a webinars y encuestas para conocer qu motiva y que seduce a estos candidatos.
  • Dinamismo, manejar procesos giles, reduciendo etapas en el proceso, marcar una diferencia a la hora de cerrar propuestas.
  • Autopercepcin, es fundamental para lograr conocer las limitaciones personales del reclutador, y su equipo para llevar adelante procesos que se adecuen a sus capacidades, y valores.
  • Orientacin a resultados, ser clave tener presente el objetivo de nuestra bsqueda, y as mismo, poseer la capacidad para redistribuir recursos encontrados, ya que se suele contar con diferentes vacantes en paralelo. 
  • Autodidacta, una cualidad que nos permitir mantenernos a la par en el mercado IT, el cual avanza velozmente y no se detiene.

Brief guide for interviewing these profiles
Before a first approach, it will be important to take into account which generation he/she belongs to, in order to achieve an adequate connection, which can generate an impact on the person, so that he/she is motivated to respond.

Know in detail the project that is being offered, being concrete and enthusiastic. It is possible at this point to apply the Storytelling technique to make our narrative interesting and generate a positive link.

It will be prudent to be aligned and up-to-date with IT market trends, where traditional interview forms may impact a certain generation but not others. 

Asking the person if he/she is currently going through other interviews and stages of the process will provide us with valuable information to know in what context we are working and, if possible, to speed up the process in order to maintain motivation towards the project.

There is no guide that covers the number of different profiles within the IT area, but as a generalization we could mention:
  • What type of companies have you worked for?
  • What is the composition of your work team? 
  • What are the specific tasks you have performed and what technology stack have you worked on?
  • What kind of projects have you done?
  • Do you work with agile or traditional methodologies? 
  • What tool do you use to record actions, tasks of the project? (Jira, Project, Excel). 
  • What is your strength in application development?
  • Where are you headed in your professional career?
  • What is your biggest motivation when thinking about a job change?
  • What is your estimated salary for this type of position (lose the fear of talking about salary. In percentage, it is one of the biggest motivations for IT profiles). It is not interesting not to mention the company to which they are applying, nor to know the salary range, this is something that should be made clear at the time of the requirement with the client.

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