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Corporate Wellness: Workplace wellness through emotional management

por Laura Di Carlo | Advice Associate Consultant

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The increasingly intense combination of social, economic and political aspects as a challenge to business strategies, articulated with cognitive technologies, automation, emotional intelligence and the more than dizzying changes that force people to adapt and re-invent themselves every day, put work experience in the focus of analysis from a more human perspective: how does this context impact on people within the workplace? How far do they manage to discern in their daily routine what favors their personal and professional development versus what threatens their being as a whole?  

Health is not only about being free of disease. Well-being is also an emotional issue and it is from that place that we find ourselves immersed in a scenario of high levels of work stress: competitiveness, pressures, challenges, 24/7 connection through technology, media overexposure, imbalance between personal and work life. The stress, is the tip of the iceberg of the labor leaves, translated in multiple physical and psychological meanings. 

It is then that, from the starting point of the above, the concern arises in the companies to implement and promote healthy living habits in the teams through programs of Business or Corporate Wellness. 

The term, "Wellness" means "Well-being" in Spanish, and a Corporate Wellness Program has as its main objective, to implement actions and provide tools that lead to the incorporation of healthy living habits by employees inside and outside the work space. This results in improved productivity levels, motivation, creativity, reduced turnover and sick leave, and indirectly generates a sense of belonging to the organization because of the benefits that these programs bring to them as individuals.  

The levels of work stress decrease and this contributes to an improvement in the work climate, enhancing the corporate image of the company as an organization that cares about the welfare of its people. Brand positioning through the management of emotions towards a healthy life. 

A Corporate Wellness Program also introduces the development of practices that understand health as a whole, seeking the integral well-being of employees through concepts such as "well - being", integrating techniques from mindfulness, emotional self-awareness and regulation of emotions. These three tools are also currently used to enhance leadership, since they collaborate and generate a level of learning focused on the here and now integrated to decision making, team management and self-motivation. 

How to implement a Business Wellness Program

Firstly, a study is carried out of the specific needs of the collaborators in terms of work welfare: life habits of the people within the company in their day-to-day work and their articulation with inherent practices outside the working day. This diagnosis is translated into a survey similar to those implemented to analyze the work climate, with the specific characteristics of Wellness. 

This includes the definition of the objectives of the program, to whom it will be directed, the list of actions to be implemented, their duration and their extension in time; and the measurement of the results. 

In order for the program and its scope to be understood by all those who will participate in it, it is necessary to define the dissemination of the program in a clear and timely manner. This allows to generate a degree of commitment that is necessary for the proper development of the program and its success. 

The program starts to be developed according to the scope stipulated in its definition and objective. 

A periodic evaluation will be carried out to check the benefits that the practice provides and that it is working in line with the required needs, with the purpose of modifying and/or improving it in a dynamic and timely manner.  

Investing in this type of practices, defines the cost-benefit relationship of the human capital of any company in sustainable and long term improvements. It creates a new work philosophy and generates a culture based on self-care and collaboration with others. 

Corporate Wellness should be considered as part of the business strategy. Innovative organizations are already implementing it. It is here to stay, to recycle as many times as necessary and to be part of a daily range of healthy and satisfied collaborators.

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