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6 ways to diversify candidate recruitment

Vista Jobs article

When it comes to selling your company's products and services, you will never limit yourself to a single channel. You're likely using digital marketing, traditional advertising, email, organic social media and more to maximize your reach and attract as many customers as possible. So why aren't you doing the same with your recruitment efforts?

If you only use one or two channels to source candidates, you are missing out on the opportunity to find highly qualified candidates by exploring other channels.

And as hiring becomes more difficult due to the talent shortage, losing large groups will keep you away from your competitors.

And you're not just fighting for top talent against your traditional competitors. You're competing with big-name brands that are also looking to hire quickly as the economy accelerates. So you need to find creative ways to expand your reach and stand out.

Here are 6 lead sourcing channels you can add to your strategy:

Employee referrals
If you don't already have an employee referral program, now is the time to start. Candidates recommended by your existing teammates often end up becoming some of your most successful employees, that's because good people know good people.

Plus, having a referral program in place costs you next to nothing. All you have to do is share your priority functions with the company and incentivize employees to participate with cash bonuses or other rewards such as concert tickets and gift cards.

Employment page on the company's website
Job seekers who are most interested in working for you will go directly to your website. And once they're there, they want to get a feel for what it's like to work for you and learn what you have to offer them.

You need to have an attractive, robust site that not only lists your processes and available vacancies, but also convinces them by highlighting benefits such as perks, culture and flexibility.

Social Networking
75% of adults in the US are active on at least one social network, which makes social networking a really easy and free way to expand your reach to more people.

You can post your job openings organically or take advantage of tools like Jobs on Facebook. Social media is also a good way to reach people passively: not all social media users are actively looking for jobs, but if you appear in their news feed, they may think twice.

70% of job searches start on Google. If you're not doing everything you can to show up on Google, you're missing out on a lot of job seekers who are eager to work. And fortunately, there are really simple things you can do to optimize your job descriptions and improve your rankings.

Make sure your descriptions are between 300 and 800 words and include keywords your target audience is looking for, such as specific skills, certifications and location. And the job titles themselves should be short and simple to maximize clicks; aim for 1-3 words.

Specialized job platforms
Ask anyone who is actively looking for a job today where they have searched and they will tell you that they have visited at least one of these platforms: El Empleo, Computrabajo, Indeed. etc., so it is important to have a presence on these types of sites. You can post your job openings on these sites for free.

Be sure to follow the guidelines for each platform, update your job descriptions regularly to keep them current, and use the most frequently searched keywords.

Paid employment platforms
While it is possible to appear on job boards organically, these sites are incredibly saturated. The only way to ensure that you appear early on in a candidate's search results is to sponsor your bid. It can be worth spending money to make sure your jobs appear "above the fold".

Where to start?
Of course, each of these channels is different. One that provides an excellent source of top candidates for one company may not be an excellent source for another. The key is to track the number of potential hires you generate from each source over time and then adjust your investment in each accordingly. Optimization allows you to maximize the ROI of your recruiting investment.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the candidates you attract through all of these sources are funneled into a single location that contains all candidate information. That way, no candidate is left behind and you can easily locate each applicant's CV and other details, identify the most qualified individuals, and move candidates through your hiring process quickly and efficiently.

You're probably thinking this is a lot of work. It certainly is. And if you're using disparate systems to manage your sources, track applicants, communicate with candidates, and administer tasks like skills tests, it quickly becomes even more difficult.

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