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When the pandemic passes...

by Francisco Alcaide
(Lecturer, writer, trainer in leadership and motivation)

Reading time: 4'

That is the worst sentence you can say in these times: 'When the pandemic is over...'. First, because we don't know when we will be able to consider the pandemic over; and second, because after the pandemic something else will come that we are not able to anticipate today. 
What to do then? A few recommendations: 

We must be aware that we are going to have to change many times the way of doing things with respect to what we have been doing. To stagnate in the past is to die. As Winston Churchill said in Learning from the Best 3: "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. A wartime leader said it. 

If flexibility is key, its sibling is learnability. It is necessary to have an attitude of permanent intellectual curiosity. Percitis is not a good ally in these times. You have to work harder because these are tougher times. Besides, being one step ahead of the market usually gives advantages. 

You have to fall in love with problems, even if it sounds strange, because difficulties are going to be present systematically and you have to see them in a positive sense. We grow at the level of the difficulties we encounter along the way. Problems overcome are opportunities gained. Personal growth and comfort are incompatible. Thanks to the situation we live in, we can grow a lot on a personal and professional level. The following reflection collected in Learning from the Best 2 (Page 44, 7th edition) about Aristotle Onassis, an industry magnate who went through many calamities, says it all: 

"Comfort was a lousy partner of success that annihilates the potential of individuals. He thought that the man who had to live in precarious conditions has a better chance of adapting to all situations and succeeding than the one who lacked such stimuli. A tiger hunts better when it is hungry. For him, adversities were pushes that allow people to find resources within themselves, even the most unsuspected, to overcome and break their own limits". 

Personal support groups will be vital in order not to fall apart when sadness, discouragement and lows arise, something that always happens, because in an environment of so much uncertainty and that is dilated in time it is easy to have moments of weakness. Thanks to technology we can be very close to others and others close to us. Isolation takes its toll. A shared joy becomes a double joy; a shared sorrow becomes half a sorrow. 

Ego is always the enemy, as Ryan Holiday writes in his book, but in an environment of such volatility, it is even more so. A few days ago I left the following reflection on my Instagram account: "In a VUCA environment, humility is the most intelligent trait". And what is humility? Listening, asking questions, asking for help, surrounding yourself with people better than you, continuing to study... and much more. I invite you to read the post: Leadership is more powerful when it is humble

No matter how difficult circumstances may be, there are always alternatives, it is just a matter of finding them. Creativity is our greatest ally. When you trust (truly feeling that you trust), life helps you. The opposite of trust, is the complaint, the excuses, the regrets, the vomiting against everything and everyone... They are signs of lack of confidence in oneself, in others, in life, in everything. 

Reality is what it is, not what we would like it to be. You decide what you do then. If you can't travel and you can't do other things, you will have to take advantage of that time to do other stimulating things, but you can't 'let time go by', because every day and every hour wasted will not come back and you will pay dearly for it. It can be a time to sow a lot (without profit) and then reap a lot (with profit) and enjoy. If this is not done, one will surely regret it later. They can be times to learn English, develop an infoproduct or a book, design an online business, cultivate certain hobbies and other things.

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