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Data Analytics
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Data Analytics


Advice Analytics' mission is to provide high-value information about the world of work, which contributes to strategic decision making in companies, institutions of the educational ecosystem, public agencies and the economy as a whole.

The fulfillment of this objective includes the collection of data, its organization according to a taxonomy of job profiles, areas of activity and skills, and the elaboration of reliable and practical indicators for decision making.

  • +164 million  We have the most extensive and comprehensive database of labor demand in Uruguay.
  • Our data reflects the dynamism of the world of work. We are continuously monitoring the labor market and updating our job and skills dictionaries to accurately represent emerging changes.
  • We decode the DNA of the labor market. Our data allows us to accurately analyze the unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience that employers require for each position. The analysis also provides insight into the evolving demand for skills and identifies emerging knowledge and skills in the world of work.
  • We composed a repertoire of +1,200 unique positions. It is based on the knowledge of 15 years of study of labor demand in Uruguay, and it is also dynamic since it is periodically updated to detect and incorporate new roles to the analysis. The data can be aggregated and disaggregated by groups of activities and areas of activity, according to the needs of analysis, maintaining robustness in the conclusions.
  • Skills. In addition to the taxonomy of job profiles, we have a broad and comprehensive taxonomy of skills.


1. Sectorial competition studies. We contribute to the development of talent attraction strategies with a data-based positioning diagnosis.

2. Structural transformation. We guide structural transformation processes based on a mapping and functional analysis of the roles within the organization.

3. Studies on the adequacy of the educational offer. Based on a survey of the knowledge, skills and tools included in the academic plans of an institution, we offer an analysis of how well the educational contents and methodologies are adjusted to the demands of the labor market.

4. Learning paths. We contribute to guide training and development processes of human talent in organizations, through the planning of learning paths that improve the responsiveness of organizations to changes in the world of work, and contribute to the professional development of employees.

5. Dynamic job descriptions. We guide selection processes by developing job profiles that are periodically updated with new information from the labor market.

6. Personal evaluation. We offer an assessment of each person's strengths and areas for improvement according to labor demand data, in order to improve their employability.

7. Tailor-made studies. Consult us for customized studies and projects.



At Advice Data Analytics, we are committed to providing you with the best possible data so you can make the best possible decisions. Together, we can illuminate the future of work to create a job market that works for everyone.

Contact us through our form, so that our specialists in Data Analytics services can provide the best advice for your needs.

Contact us

Tiburcio Gómez 1330, Piso 4 (zona WTC)
Montevideo, Uruguay
TEL.: (+598) 2626 1111 |
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