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Advice Safety

Advice on occupational risk prevention management

Advice Safety

Occupational Health and Safety


The obligation to take measures to prevent accidents and diseases at work is a responsibility of the employer, as established by the current legislation in our country, Law 5032/1914 and Law 19196/2014.


As of May 2022, all companies with 50 or more workers must have Occupational Health and Prevention Services, and as of November 2022, these services are extended to all companies with 5 or more workers, as established in Decree 277/020.


In order to provide a comprehensive service to organizations, which allows them to fully comply with the legal framework and properly manage health and safety at work, we formed Advice Safety.


The objective of this business unit is to help and accompany our current and future clients to establish and optimize their Occupational Health and Safety management. This will allow organizations, through a sustainable and sustained development over time, to comply with legal requirements regarding working conditions, avoiding problems and improving performance in this area.


Our proposal of Occupational Health and Safety Service has as its main goal, to advise the company in the fulfillment of its legal obligation for the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases derived from work, developing preventive management tools.


These tools allow organizations to systematize the way they work, in order to identify the hazards of the tasks, evaluate the associated risks and determine preventive actions, protection on work accidents, diseases or incidents that affect people and property of the company.


Benefits of hiring Advice Safety:
- Work with a reliable organization of recognized trajectory in our country.
- Add value to your company by ensuring competent collaborators in occupational health and safety issues.
- Ensure the functions and tasks established by the current regulations for Occupational Health and Safety Services.
- Obtain advice for compliance with legal requirements related to occupational health and safety, and thus avoid penalties foreseen in case of non-compliance with regulations (fines, closures, lawsuits).
- Improve the working environment in your organizations, preventing conflicts, through advice on the management of the improvement of working conditions in the organizations.
- Increase the productivity of your business, improving working conditions, reducing absenteeism and avoiding waste due to accidents.

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Montevideo, Uruguay
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