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Partners & Marketplace
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Partners & Marketplace

Advice partners with the best organizations like yours to achieve new levels of success for you and the clients we share. 

Advice Marketplace is a one-stop digital store for HR tools. Create your customized ecosystem by exploring easy-to-use solutions.

Powerful technology plus a human touch. Companies around the world rely on ADP® cloud software and expert knowledge to help unlock their potential. Human Resources. Talent. Benefits. Payroll Administration. Compliance. More information Advice is a local partner of ADP® in Uruguay.
The PDA (Personal Development Analysis), across a simple, precise and scientific supported methodology, allows to describe and to analyze the Behavioral Profile of the people. Likewise it allows to evaluate the behavioral demands of a position and to generate detailed compatibilities applicable to the different processes of HR.
Deel is a global payroll solution that helps companies hire anyone, anywhere. With a technology-enabled self-service process, you can now hire independent contractors or full-time employees in over 150 countries, compliantly, legally and in minutes.
Workforce is a tool that allows you to manage your human resources in an agile and intelligent way. You will be able to optimize labor costs, use prediction to create shifts and make better decisions.
VistaJobs is the first online platform for automated video interviews that helps to speed up your recruitment and selection processes. These video interviews are asynchronous, so they do not take place in real time, and allow companies to have candidate videos that they can view, rate and share at any time.
Advice is exclusive representative, a software that adds a lot of value to all the good things you have today. A Digital Record means that ALL the employee's documentation, from the first day to the last, can be kept completely digitally, dispensing with paper, including salary receipts and other processes.
Advice is a member of NPAworldwide. For over 50 years, NPAworldwide has been connecting global recruiting firms, being the oldest recruiting network of its kind, with an international membership of recruiting firms located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.
Operating in 122 countries, Profiles International provides assessment solutions to manage challenges related to productivity, helping organizations achieve outstanding employee and executive performance and sustainable competitive advantages.
Fichap is a digital solution for managing people in companies. It focuses on simplifying and automating all human resources processes, from the moment a person is a talent to be recruited until he/she leaves the organization.
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